elizaldes manager killed

It has barely been a year since Valentin Elizande was killed, and unfortunatelly on this passed January 8th the manager of Jesus "el flaco" Elizalde was killed.

According to the information released by some information sources Roberto Del Fierro was killed with a one shoot in the head this past Tuesday in Zapopan, Jalisco. Accordin to the information that was released only the authorities have confirm of this information, the record label nor "El Flaco" Elizalde has confirm any thin up to this moment. Whitnesses state that Roberto del Fierro was outside of his vehicle talking to someone, when he received a shoot to the head. He was transported to the local hospital where a few hours later he lost his life.

"El flaco" is brother to the well remember Valentin Elizalde also known as " El Gallo de Oro" who was killed on November 25th of 2006 when he was done with a performance in Reynosa.

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