K Paz De La Sierra To Seperate

Although some of the members of K-Paz de la Sierra say that there is no separation, Beto Duran and Luis Diaz will leave the band to form a new one. These changes will take place in October, and then will be official at a press conference.

The press conference will be in Mexico CIty with the aim of raising awareness of new details of the band and also the new members of the group.

The reason for the breakdown could be because Beto was recording his album in Mexico, while the leader of Juan Gomez recorded another in Monterrey. Juan Gomez also accepted that Beto Duran founder of the group, as well as the music director Luis Diaz, would leave the band Duranguense. He did not mention the reason for the separation. Meanwhile Beto Duran and Luis Dias prepare a new group and go in search of a record label to release their first album.

The rest of the interprets of Mi Credo refused the separation of the group and said they were only rumors, when Juan Gomez had already said different :
"It's not official, if ever something happens, I will say but I will now continue to work with K-Paz. I love that name and we have a moral responsibility to Sergio. But if it ever comes to that, we have to take the step because there are cycles that are fulfilled, there are dreams, then perhaps I'll do it and I will leave knowing ".

All the plans they had together as a tribute to Sergio Gomez at its first anniversary next December 2 and the movie in which the exordia not authorized biography of the singer, is not known if they take place and most likely members who leave the group would not participate.

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no quiero k se separen pero si ellos quieren pues ni modo !
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