Latin Gammys

The Grammys had been a symbol of sucess on the entertainment business. This is an award that every artist dreams of getting as the maximum award in their career. The Grammies are not given to the artist because of his/her sales but rather for the quality of the art in the music. There have been many singers such as 50 cents in the Anglo market that has sold millions of records and yet has not been able to get such of award, this leaves an opening to say that sales does not reflect talent.

A few years ago the time for the Latin Grammy came where many latino artist, singers became the star of the show. The Latin Grammies were not seen or accepted as the real Grammies but rather a way of promotion. In the most recent Latin Grammy award shows the talent of the Tigres del Norte, Pepe Aguilar, Marco Antonio Solis have been some of the artist that had receive the most Latin Grammies.

This award has also been able to honor the artist with the biggest singing career in different types of music. This past year of 2007 the award was given to Juan Luis Guerra, he won a few awards this year with his most recent record of " Las Llaves de mi corazon", as well as the longest and sucessful carreer in the Tropical/Salsa Music.

To some the Latin Grammies are just publicity, for the artist its an achivent. It is all a matter of prospective.

05.19.08 12:49 pm [ delete ]
well well guys i dont really like your music but u guys r great singers keep it up guy grasias por apoyar la raza arriva MEXICO
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